The Upside of Going Local

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The Upside of Going Local

The health revolution has prompted a lot of chefs to make better choices about the food that they make. The back to the basics movement is definitely on and the support that it’s getting from a lot of people is a sign that it is here to stay. There’s a lot to be said for patronizing local food products – it contributes to a better economic scenario, it is a positive point for the environment and the green revolution and fresh local produce definitely tastes a whole lot better than canned or processed foods.

The concept of bringing food straight from the farm to your table is nothing new. But the convenience of instant fare has always prevented its success. Now, a lot of restaurants are supporting the idea and some have even taken the initiative a step further by investing in their own farm, growing their own produce and raising livestock.

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What are the Benefits of Growing Your Own Food?

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What are the Benefits of Growing Your Own Food?

What are the Benefits of Growing Your Own Food?

With every passing year, we are seeing an increasing concern with being environmentally friendly.  And this has only added to the benefits of growing your own food. This has become a practice that more and more people are getting into. This may seem like a long process at first, but growing your own fruits and vegetables is not as hard as it seems, and it is very rewarding. Once you have established a system and schedule, it is pretty much smooth sailing from there. Below are its most significant benefits.

1) Healthier. Food in stores is increasingly getting filled with chemicals that we once thought were organic. By growing your own food, you are in control of its environment so you are sure that what you are consuming is safe. In turn, your family is able to pick up the habit of eating healthier fruits and vegetables.

2) Save money. Because of the economic slump, families are now getting into ways to reduce their consumption and save money. With a farming system at home, you can save money on your grocery bill in the long run, especially that most fruits and vegetables seeds will not cost you more than a dollar.

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Succeeding in the Restaurant Business

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If food is your passion, then maybe owning a restaurant is dream you would want to achieve in the near future. Sure, it can be very rewarding to earn while doing something you are passionate about; but, like any worthwhile endeavor, running a restaurant is not a walk in the park. It is not impossible either. Here are a few suggestions that you might consider.

Owning a restaurant is not only about food and customers. Businesses are governed by laws and it would be very useful to familiarize yourself with these regulations. There are licenses to acquire and standards to adhere to. Failing to comply with these can result in penalties or even close your business down. Hence, be diligent in doing your homework.

A good location, a good concept and a good chef are the three essentials which could determine whether or not your business will succeed. In order to serve good food that people come back for, you need a chef who knows what he is doing. The food that he prepares must fit your concept as well, to establish the brand of your restaurant and make it distinct from the others. Further, location is very important. The more accessible your location is, the more customers it will attract.

Don’t scrimp. Certainly, you would want to economical and manage your business expenses and that is understandable. However, never sacrifice quality specifically as far as your customers are concerned. Also, don’t be cheap in ensuring good service. This means treating your staff well and using the appropriate furniture and décor, equipment and other wares that are needed for a restaurant. Further, be sure to keep all your assets safe by using the right security equipment. A British restaurateur friend of mine made the mistake of being careless about security and ended up losing valuable cooking equipment to thieves. Luckily, he found the local Locksmith Bromley here:, who were able to quickly resolve his restaurant’s security issues.

Learn to adapt and innovate. The restaurant business is like a trend that constantly changes. People’s tastes and preferences evolve and so should your business. Create a new concept and the dishes that go with it. Be creative while maintaining quality food and service.

Being successful in the restaurant business requires a lot of hard work and commitment. If you really have the passion, then you will be more than willing to do all these to attain your dream.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Restaurant Secure and Your Business Running Smoothly

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In running a restaurant, I've come to find out just how big a role security plays in daily operations and in making the business successful.

What's the point of spectacular marketing if you can't assure your customers of their safety and the protection of their possessions? What's the sense of making a large profit if the cash ends up getting stolen by your very own employees?

Indeed there are plenty of security concerns involved in running a restaurant. Don't ignore them and just hope for the best. You must take the necessary steps to keep your restaurant secure at all times.

Set Up a Good Security System

Security is undoubtedly a good investment. No matter what size your restaurant is, it pays to have a good security system in place. This may entail the use of security cameras, hiring of security guards, and/or installing efficient locks and alarm systems.

Maintain Well-Functioning Locks

It's not enough to simply keep your cash and valuables under lock and key. You need to ensure regular maintenance of the locks because some of them may already be old or broken. If you're wondering where to contact a good locksmith in London, you can head over to Toplock Locksmiths for round-the-clock services and even in times of emergency lockouts.

Establish a Remarkable Inventory Routine

Of course it's also important for you to establish a remarkable and reliable inventory routine. How can you keep track of all the ingredients and other supplies? How do you monitor different equipment inside your restaurant, including utensils and the like? Who's in charge of inventory? These are just some of the questions you have to take note of to further ensure security.

Be Careful in Choosing Your Employees

External theft may not be as common as internal theft. This is why I make sure to do a thorough background check on my employees and the people I intend to hire. Of course other than confirming that they've got clean records, it's also good to actually get to know them better on a personal basis. This way, you don't only gain insight regarding their personalities and characters but being friends with them will make it more difficult to break your trust or damage the company.

Security is a non-negotiable matter when it comes to running a restaurant or any business establishment for that matter. Make sure you're on top of things in this aspect.  

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How Better Nutrition Leads to a Better Appearance

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How Better Nutrition Leads to a Better Appearance

We hear it all the time that the consumer culture combined with the celebrity craze that have become a fact of daily  life around the globe have both contributed to people adopting unrealistic expectations of themselves in terms of appearance and sophistication. But is this necessarily true? Is it possible to cultivate a great appearance merely by the choices you make in life? We believe the answer is an unequivocal YES!

If it were possible for you to travel back in time, say two centuries back, you would not just be shocked by the culture of the time. You would notice that our ancestors looked remarkably different from the people you meet every day in the street. For one, the average height would be much lower than is the case with modern humans. The people you would meet would also look much fitter. The differences in appearance can be explained in a single word: nutrition!

The Importance of Nutrition to your Skin’s Health

The skin is a very remarkable organ even though it does not always get as much attention compared to other “vital” organs. The skin perpetually regenerates new cells to remain healthy and supple and it is therefore important to keep it nourished with important nutritional elements such as vitamins and minerals which serve to keep the skin supple, moist and taut. Without proper nutrition, the skin is likely to develop such defects as:

  • Wrinkles
  • Spots and blemishes
  • Stretch marks
  • Varicose veins and spider veins

Proper nutrition is essential in preventing the appearance of varicose veins as well as managing the adverse effects of the veins if and when they appear on the skin. Studies have shown that venous valves responsible for ensuring that veins continue performing normally (as opposed to getting transformed to varicose and spider veins) require nourishment from nutrients such as bioflavanoids, vitamin K and vitamin C.  While lack of exercise and poor circulation are also important to the development of varicose veins, deficiency in these key nutrients plays a big part as well.

Clinical Treatment for Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

While nutritional intervention will suffice to prevent the appearance of varicose and spider veins as well as managing mild cases of such defects, this is not true when it comes to acute cases. When the veins become too pronounced, there is little choice but to go for clinical treatment in a medical facility. There are two options options in this instance:

  1. Radio frequency therapy
  2. Sclerotherapy

Radio Frequency Therapy

Radio frequency therapy is a non invasive procedure for treating spider veins and mild cases of varicose veins. The method makes use of a tiny catheter used to direct thermal energy directly to the offending veins. When this is repeated several times, the veins gradually die and the normal appearance of the skin is restored. The Heart and Vein Center is a vein center southfield residents have come to trust for solutions to different venous disease complications. They offer radio frequency therapy among a host of other alternatives for people with varicose and spider veins.


Sclerotherapy represents the most common treatment for stubborn varicose veins. The phlebologist treating you will inject a substance known as a sclerosing agent into the engorged veins which then die off and gradually disappear. The Optima vein care clinic is a vein center phoenix facility where people with acute cases of varicose veins can be assured of top-of-the-range sclerotherapy treatment.

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Affording A Healthy Diet for Your Kids

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As a mother, I always make sure that my kids are eating healthy. By doing this, I have been able to raise them into really healthy teenagers. However, making my kids eat healthy food used to not be easy. This wasn’t because my kids didn’t like healthy food; rather, it was because I used to find organic food really expensive. This isn’t the case anymore, though. No, I didn’t get a new, high-paying job or anything. The reason why I am able to afford having my kids on healthy diet now is because I now do binary options trading with Banc de Binary. Because the Banc de Binary personal broker account enables me to make very profitable trades easily, I am able to earn thousands of dollars a month through it.

Trading with Banc de Binary is very profitable for so many reasons. One of these reasons happens to be the fact that anyone can create a personal broker account with them. What exactly is a personal broker account? In Banc de Binary’s case, it is an account where people can get help from an expert broker any time they need to. Whenever one has a hard time making trading decisions, they can just contact an expert broker through Banc de Binary’s trading platform to get help from them.

Another thing that makes trading with Banc de Binary so profitable is that virtually every Banc de Binary bonus nets people so many financial rewards. The best part is that it is easy to avail of these bonuses. Signing up for an account at Banc de Binary’s website, for one, immediately nets new clients a bonus.

Because of the profitability of doing binary options trading with Banc de Binary, many of their clients have actually left their day jobs just to be able to solely focus on doing trading with Banc de Binary.

Thanks to Banc de Binary, I was able to buy a patch of farmland where I can plant all the vegetables and fruits my family eats in an organic manner. I don’t have to buy expensive organic food anymore because of this, all I need to do now is tend to my farm. Still, tending my farm costs a lot of money. Luckily, binary options trading still helps with this. Through binary options trading, anyone can now have a healthy diet. In fact, because of it, I can go as far as say that no mom has an excuse not to have their kids on a healthy diet anymore.

Hopefully, what I have written here will get more moms to do binary options trading. If not for the purpose of having their kids on a healthy diet, they should do it for the purpose of providing their kids all of the things they need. With the help of Banc de Binary’s brokers, any mom won’t have to worry about their finances that much anymore. So long as they take the time to learn binary options trading’s ins and outs and listen to their brokers/advisors, they are going to do fine.

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Using Air Filters When Cooking

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Using Air Filters When Cooking

Any food and cooking enthusiasts know how difficult it can be get rid of those smells that come with creating exotic dishes or those that use certain ingredients.

Food might smell great when it is being cooked for the first time however the smell of cooking has a tendency to linger and can become annoying after a couple of days. This is especially true of small buildings like studio apartments or small houses and by using proper air filters then you can easily remove the smell of cooking simply by turning on a switch.

A lot of modern cookers come with their own ventilation systems however for the gas styled cookers then eliminating the smell of cooking can be difficult. Even the smell of gas itself can be a problem after a while. Cooking with gas continually can leave an odor in the home but with a furnace air filter then this can be cut down as much as possible.

How much the smell impacts you also depends on the kind of food that you are cooking.

Some of the recipes and meals that we have mentioned before can cause longer lasting smells than others. For instance cooking with spices and curry powder can cause the smell to linger for the best part of a week or even more and the same goes with fish as well. As many people consider fried onions as staple ingredient in many dishes, this can cause a stale smell to hang about too. It isn’t just a case that this remains in the room itself but rather it can attach itself to clothes and venture out to shared hallways.

With a proper air filtration system then the aroma that is released from cooking certain foods can be eliminated right after the meal and cooking itself. Rather than opening windows for long periods of time which is not always possible in cold climates for example, air filters can really offer a working and effective alternative.

So, what kind of air filters work best?

Basically any filters that can soak up smells will be fine. Many filters focus more on getting rid of dust and particles from the air rather than actual smells however just about all models are suitable for use in the kitchen. The set up doesn’t even need to be elaborate either. As long as it is adept at soaking up the smells and channel it outside then the air filter system will work just as well regardless.

Cooking at home can be a therapeutic experience with great rewards however no-one wants to still smell Tuesday’s dinner on Friday. A good idea is to test out Air Bear filters that help to eliminate cooking smells and  in your kitchen, with their higher quality you should see noticeable improvement.

Our predication is that you will notice how effective they are almost right away and as a method of reducing the odors emitting from cooking certain foods, air filters are one of the best ways to do so.

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Sourcing Local Food Restaurant Menu

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When I first ventured into the restaurant business 5 years ago, my major concern was how to acquire raw materials at a lower cost. There seemed to be a local inadequacy to sustain the local market. However, I managed to create a rapport with some businessmen in the area who referred me to their suppliers. Remember that I was a rival in the business and so any information that they offered was bound to affect them in one way or another. Thankfully, we have a few good people in the world and I happened to stumble upon the best of them all.

I was given a reference for each of the following important items in a restaurant: wineries, beekeepers, fisheries and local farmers. Local farmers would supply fresh vegetables and other farm produce such as chicken, eggs and meat on a daily business. This has helped my business grow at a constant rate. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy food made from fresh produce? It’s a luxury many of us cannot regularly afford in our homes.

Beekeepers have been very instrumental in my business as they deliver my honey right up to my door. Some of my restaurant specials have honey as an ingredient in their recipes. Some require raw honey while others need the processed variety. My supplier gets me the best of both and at a good price which means I can serve quality food at fair prices. It is no wonder folk flock in so regularly. I also found a local winemaker who provides me with the perfect pairings for my changing menu. He is happy I am able to refer customers to his business too.

The reference I was given on fisheries has been the most intriguing so far. My fish supplier delivers my stock each morning just after sunrise. He insists on going to the lake for fishing expeditions in the dark of the night. When I asked him why he prefers dusk over dawn fishing, he told me that in darkness, the big fish go out of their hideaways to ‘hunt’- a perfect opportunity to hunt the hunters. That’s how he manages to catch the large fish I prefer. That aside, he always brings the sweetest varieties of fish fresh from the water.

He goes to fish with a team of fly fishermen from the locality. He attributes his many successful escapades to being well connected to experienced fishermen who use a collection of equipment and ties from I suppose if you have never been out fishing, then you may miss the point here. Being in the company of an experienced fisherman will orientate you to familiar fish zones where you will find large shoals. Using the right equipment will ensure that you do not miss out on the opportunity to catch a fish.

The restaurant business is very fruitful so long as you are passionate about it. Passion gives you a natural drive to want to deliver only the best to your customers. The best in my case has to start with having a constant supply of fresh produce so my customers will not miss their favorite dishes when they come. In return, I am able to enjoy great profits.

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Healthy Eating Tips: Essential Foods Your Daily Diet Needs

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girl lying on the grass and reading a bookSticking to a healthy diet is probably one of the most difficult things we have to do every day. No matter how repeated it is, perfecting the art of healthy eating is just difficult at times. When you find yourself too busy with work and overtime duties, you also find yourself ordering from McDonald’s. While there’s nothing really wrong with fast food meals, it’s just practically the same with the rule – “too much of one thing is bad.” So instead of finding liposuction phoenix specialists or burying yourself in and other similar websites, why not consider these healthy tips?

Keep it simple

Simplicity is the main answer to being able to follow your own rules. If you have a long list of what to and what not to eat then most probably you’ll end up throwing it in the trash. Also, if you have a long list of instructions when to eat what, or when to drink what, you might end up feeling exhausted with the whole idea of dieting. On that note, nutritionists say that the key to eating right and sticking to your desired weight and body shape is to keep your diet simple. No need to buy certain food for there are many other selections with the same nutrient content. Knowing what you’re consuming is essential.

Don’t skip the vital nutrients

When a person goes on a diet, normally he ends up scrapping lots of food in his “what I can eat” list. However, while this can be helpful, it can also cause you harm for you are losing other vital nutrients. Keep in mind that our body has high demands of equilibrium in general, which means it should be applied all things including nutrient intake. Fish, tomatoes, nuts, oatmeal and garlic are few of the must-eat food every day. Incorporating them to your daily meals doesn’t sound so hard, does it?

Practice moderation

In all diet regimens, the major key is moderation. And with a healthy regimen, the key is moderation, still. Once you’ve mastered the art of resisting temptation and sticking to what you know is right and nutritious, you won’t have difficulties keeping your mind and you’re eating habits in unison. Steer away to thinking you’re not allowed to eat a certain food, because apparently, you are. It’s just that you may need to reduce the intake as compared to how much you’re consuming before. Of course, this can’t be done overnight thus, it’s advisable to consume your fave but kind of unhealthy meals in smaller and smaller quantity.

Enjoy your meal

Sounds crazy but this is factual. Just imagine you have unwanted hair in most parts of your body, you would consider speaking to a laser hair removal long island expert, right? Or perhaps check websites like for procedure references. With procedures like this, you’re doing it mainly to enjoy your body and be proud of a better look. With healthy eating, it’s essential to enjoy your meal and sooner than you know, you’ll be proud of a slimmer physique.

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Are Breast Augmentation and Botox Good for Your Health?

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Are Breast Augmentation and Botox Good for Your Health?

breast augmentationPlastic surgery has long become a staple among many people who want to look better and feel more unique. However, there is a good question that persists when it comes to such a process. This involves the consideration of whether or not this is worthwhile for your health.


There are two procedures that you can benefit from over time. First, a breast augmentation will help you keep your breast tissues bright and strong.


Meanwhile, Botox may be effective for your face. It will be much easier for your body to tolerate than many intensive or invasive surgical procedures as it helps you to look younger.


Is Breast Augmentation Really Beneficial?


Your mental health will benefit from a breast augmentation in Seattle through the people you’ll find at This is because it will control the breast volume that you currently have in your body. It will restore your breast volume after a pregnancy or even reconstruct tissues after a mastectomy.


However, one good benefit of breast augmentation is that it is not as intensive or invasive as you might expect it to be. That’s because a typical augmentation procedure will only last for one or two hours on average.


A very small incision will be used in a hardly visible part of the body to get your implants ready. These implants can be added to your body and can be pumped up or filled if needed. They may also be measured ahead of time for your specific size needs.


Is Botox Safe?


Botox is a very sensible procedure worth trying out since it will keep your face looking young. You can use simple injections that are administered by a professional to help treat the frown lines and other wrinkles in your face, thus giving you a more vibrant appearance that will last.


The results of a treatment for Botox in San Antonio through a firm like what you’d learn about at are impressive. If you use an injection then the frown lines between your brows will be relaxed so it will be easier for your face to look younger.


A typical Botox treatment will have visible effects for about four months or so after the injections are complete. The results will vary but you should still have a younger look to your face for a few months after using it.


This makes for a sensible alternative to other treatments. If you tried to use a more intensive treatment like a face lift then you might have to be stuck in a facility for hours just to get it all to work. In addition, you would have to bear with the risk of your face being harmed by inflammation or infection in the incision areas. These risks are minimal in a Botox treatment.


In fact, you only need to get a new treatment about three to four months after your last one. Of course, the exact timing of your next visit will be based on how much of a need you might have for that treatment. Everyone reacts differently to Botox and the odds are you might spend slightly more than four months between treatments. Either way, you can rest assured that the effects of Botox will be visible for a while.


Are These Good for Your Health?


When compared to some of the most intensive forms of plastic surgery out there, a Botox or breast augmentation treatment will certainly be better for your health. In addition to giving your body that young and beautiful look that you have always wanted, you will also give yourself that added sense of confidence that you need.


If you are confident in yourself then it will be easier for you to live a healthy and happy life. Botox and breast augmentation procedures may help you get a little closer to your goals of looking and feeling better.

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Why We Love Organic (And Why You Should, Too!)

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Organic, organic, organic … it seems as though the words “organic” and “GMO” and even “heirloom” will be some of the most remembered when looking back at this start of the 21st century. Why, though, is organic such a concern in our time? These are the reasons why we love organic (and you should, too!).

Organic is Good for Your Health

Being labeled “Organic” means more than just no pesticides, but it’s important to pay attention to your labels. “100% Organic” means entirely, or 100% organic ingredients are used. “USDA Certified Organic” means the item is comprised of at least 95% organic ingredients. A label that simply states “Organic” marks a product of at least 70% organic ingredients. Conversely, items with less than 70% organic ingredients can list any organic ingredients on the side of the package, but cannot use the word “organic” on the front of the package. When buying produce, be sure to check the PLU code. Organic produce will most likely have a 5-digit PLU (that little round sticker with numbers on it) that starts with a “9.” So, for instance, if “3604″ is the PLU (Price Look Up) for a certain type of apple, “93604″ would be the PLU for the organic version of the same apple. Simple, right?

So why choose organic food? I have 2 main reasons:

  • Pesticides
  • GMOs

So pesticides is easy, right? You really don’t want to eat the stuff they spray on non-organic fruits and vegetables. This stuff is meant to kill weeds and bugs. I know I’m not a weed or a bug, but I eat a LOT more apples than a bug does so I’m ending up with a LOT more pesticides in my system if I don’t choose organic.

GMO’s are bad. If you need more information on this, check out The Non-GMO Project’s website. As a picture on their site reads, “I am not an experiment.” Until full studies by third-party labs are presented to the public, I’m not taking any chances.

Organic Equals Compassion

Chicken and beef labeled “free-range” means the animals get to go outside for a bit. This does NOT mean that the farmers aren’t using antibiotics or growth hormones. If you really care about the well-being of the animals, be sure to buy 100% organic meats. I know it sounds strange to be writing about the quality of life of something you’re going to eat, but I’m not going to stop wanting cheeseburgers. I am, however, not going to spend money on beef from cows that had miserable existences.

Chickens make a fine example of organic versus non-organic farming methods. Non-organic farming of chickens includes indoor cages too small for the chickens to even turn around and chickens growing at a rate more than twice what it was 50 years ago (Princeton University). This leads to the overuse of antibiotics, which remain in the bird’s flesh and are then transferred to your system when you eat this bird. Now you’re showing a resistance to antibiotics, and cannot be cured of pneumonia or whatever bacterial infection you’ve got.

Good for the Environment

Organic is good for you and it’s good for the environment. Also, buying organic is easy, sometimes as easy as stopping at your local farmer’s market or neighborhood vegetable stand and it’s often times more cost effective too.

According to a paper published by Princeton University, 90% of Americans’ drinking water – and more than 50% of wells – contained at least one pesticide, as did more than 90% of fish. Fertilizer run off has lead to an 8,000 square mile area in the Gulf of Mexico that is referred to as the “dead zone.” Pesticides kill, whether the pests they’re intended to dispose of or entire sections of large bodies of water.

Since I want there to be drinking water available for my girls in 60 years, I avoid anything that was subjected to pesticides. By putting my dollars where my beliefs are – in organic, non-GMO food and textiles – I send a message to those still using pesticides in their farming. If enough of us band together and take a stand – with each dollar – against non-organic or GMO, we’ll put those peddling these goods out of business … for good.

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Managing the Restaurant Profit Margin

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A small family restaurant in the city or one in a densely populated suburb stands to lose money given the current economic situation. The prices of raw materials and ingredients continue to skyrocket probably because of importation cost and taxes and it is eventually passed on to the consumers. Additionally, recent wage hikes have increased labor costs, leading to higher overhead and operational costs. How on earth can you manage in these situations?

Striking a Balance

People will always eat; that’s the good thing about being in the food business. As a small family restaurant, you probably have a solid following of people who have been coming over your place for years. The key to keeping your head above the water is to find a balance between prices and offering good value and great food to your customers. Will an extra dollar keep them coming back for more of Nana’s deep fried southern fried chicken and pecan pie? Alternatively, will a slightly smaller portion extend the number of portions you can serve without having to increase the prices?

Price Increase vs. Smarter Inventory Tracking

Some smaller restaurants and fast food chains had to bite the bullet and announce a price increase. You may have seen small restaurants and Mom and Pop diners raising their prices for the first time in decades. With the increase in prices of corn, dairy, meat, poultry and fish, they have their backs pressed against the wall. Some restaurant owners feel like they have been bleeding with all the losses they are incurring; and with fewer customers walking in (more families have reportedly started cooking more), restaurant owners are also turning to technology to help manage their resources more effectively.

Stockroom Inventory Software

Spoilage, wastage, and having too much of a particular item which isn’t moving, all add up to losses in the long term. While it is true small or casual restaurants have managed to survive with fresh produce picked up from the neighboring farm, a more systematic and cost efficient way of handling one’s inventory will not hurt. In fact, it may be the solution you need to keep your customers happy and still have a profitable business.

Stockroom inventory software such as IntelliTrack allows restaurant owners and managers to keep track of their stock levels as well as the restaurant’s inventory usage. The system runs on Windows CE and can be operated from a mobile or handheld device with a barcode reader. When stocks arrive, any of the personnel can simply scan the items and these will be logged into the stockroom inventory.

What It Does for You

Stockroom Inventory trackers helps you plot your next re order or shopping trip. After a while, the system will efficiently predict the maximum and minimum levels per inventory item. It will help you identify when you need more of a particular item, and when you don’t need to stock up on so much of it. IntelliTrack also allows you to print a current count of your inventory at any given time.

The IntelliTrack system has more practical applications other than in the food supply area. You can also keep track of office supplies, uniforms, and even maintenance items or cutlery. Knowing how much you have and how much you need will greatly help minimize expenses and keep operational costs low.

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